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The complete works of Volkmar Fritsche are listed on this website. Here digests of the scores can be found and some extracts listened to.
Most of his compositions are published by edition 49 and Ebert Musik Verlag Leipzig.

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youth work Since 1998 courses for orchestra mentors have taken place within the framework of the music mentor education program of the Ministry for culture, youth and sport in Baden-Württemberg.

This important program is organized by the State Association of Amateur Orchestras and Music Academies of Baden-Württemberg.
Volkmar Fritsche has taught courses in artistic interpretation within this program for many years.
Information on the music mentor training courses:
Federal association of amateur orchestras of Baden-Württemberg Landesverband Baden-Württembergischer Liebhaberorchester e.V.  
Ministry of culture, youth and sport Baden-Württemberg Ministerium für Kultus, Jugend und Sport Baden-Württemberg  
orchestra seminars Since 1987 Volkmar Fritsche has been musical director of international Orchestra seminars for amateur musicians. These seminars take place in Weikersheim and Luxemburg every year.
International participants are welcome!

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